XboxOne and Playstation4 Console Wars: As the battle rages on, who has the upper hand?


The time as finally come, the release of the new generation gaming consoles has begun. On November 15th 2013 the Playstation 4 (its predecessor being the Playstation 3) released in the United States, with fairly positive reviews. As with any game console however, the release can always be a bit of a bumpy ride for first time users. The Xboxone will be releasing the 22nd of November, the Playstation 4’s rival in the gaming industry. When it comes to deciphering which system is truly worth your money, it can be difficult to choose. My goal is to one day work for one of these companies, so I find it very important to be able to tell the two systems apart from each other.

  • The Playstation 4 costs a whole $100 cheaper than the Xboxone, but the Xboxone comes with the Kinect camera built in which is probably where the extra cost comes from
  • The Playstation 4 is lighter than the Xboxone by three whole pounds, making it a bit easier to transport if need be
  • PS4 can tend to be more power-hungry than the Xboxone, meaning around 20 to 30 watts higher even if the system is on idle
  • With comparison to the Xboxone, the PS4 tends to be slightly louder. Meaning while both are fairly silent machines, the Xboxone is virtually completely silent while the PS4 makes little noise
  • Those taking a closer look at the inside of the systems claim that both systems, in terms of specs, are nearly identical. “The CPUs share the same architecture and multi-core design, the GPUs vary only slightly in clock speed and number of compute units, and while the PS4 has a faster unified pool of GDDR5 RAM, the Xbox One makes up for this (at least partially) with a small cache of ultra-fast ESRAM.”


(The inside of both systems, The Xboxone on top and the PS4 on the bottom)

For those who aren’t as savvy with new generation technology, the main differences that we as consumers will notice are

  1. Xbox is a platform created by Microsoft, and Playstation is created by Sony
  2. Each system has special “exclusives”, meaning some games are released for one system but not the other
  3. A three pound weight difference
  4. Controller preferability
  5. Different services such as apps

The people who I have talked with about the console wars talk about their pick of system coming from what company (Sony or Microsoft) they prefer. Some people simply chose one system over the other for the system exclusives or price.

Playstation 4

Like previously mentioned, the Playstion 4, also known as PS4, is a video game and entertainment system that is designed, manufactured, and supported by Sony. Like the title says, the PS4 is Sony’s fourth generation of gaming consoles. Many people ask the question, “Can I play my Playstation 3 games on my Playstation 4”, and the answer is yes. While you may not be able to use physical game discs to insert into your system, Sony has instead made it available to use a cloud service by Gaikai technology. Cloud servicing is a service provided by a company (In this case it would be by Gaikai technology) that allows users to share servers with them instead of local on-premises servers. At this time this feature is unavailable, but Sony has announced that sometime in 2014 they will release PS3 games that all utilize the cloud streaming technology.

The PS4 isn’t just a game system, but an entertainment system as a whole. Some services that the PS4 will provide are the ability to use Netflix, Verizon’s redbox instant, Flixster, Amazon Instant video, and many more that are yet to be released.


(The XboxOne trumps the PS4 in size)


The Xbox one is the third generation of console designed by Microsoft, with the Xbox, and Xbox360 being the main systems before it. The Xbox360 was well known for its entertaining online service called XboxLive, where a lot of the 360’s success came from. It was because of the 360 that online multiplayer became so immensely popular. While the PS3’s Playstation Network was free, users still migrated to Xbox and didn’t mind paying extra for the amazing services the 360 provided for fans of the multiplayer universe. The reason for this could be because it was rather simple to connect and play with friends, with the ability to create a Xbox Live Party (a group of players selected by the party leader to be in one single chat room where they communicate by using the Xbox360 headset), which makes it a lot easier to play games together online if the players are able to communicate gaming strategies.

This time around, Microsoft has added the feature to be able to play Blueray, a feature that was missing in the 360 but not the PS3. A feature that the Xboxone will offer is the ability to use apps right alongside the game you are playing as a quote from the Xbox websites says, “Forget about having to switch inputs to watch TV or play a game. Now you can run a host of apps right alongside your game without any loss of performance.” While advertising their most anticipated system yet, Microsoft gushes over the new controllers saying that it delivers precise feedback for more realistic experiences. If you have never heard of the Xbox’s Kinect, it is a camera that allows you to use your body to play games (specially made for the Kinect), and the Xboxone comes with it built in, which is probably the reason for the $100 price between the two systems. The Xboxone, unlike the PS4, will not utilize backwards compatibility for Xbox360 games.

The decision on what console to spend your time and money on is a difficult one, and if you are lucky you might be able to buy both of them. For the rest of us, however, we may only be able to afford one for the time being. So what one to choose? While there are some differences between the two systems, your main question for yourself should be what kind of games am I looking to play? In the end, the chance of you being happy with either system is very likely, with both companies being very dedicated to the happiness of their customers. When it comes to what system to buy, it is all about personal preferences. For me, I think I will happily accept the Xboxone into my home, since I adore my 360 so much, but that doesn’t mean I am turned off to the Ps4.

No matter what console you choose, you will have a blast with both of the systems upgraded graphics, apps, and games for years to come.

Side by side graphic comparisons:




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